Mike Feravolo

Mike Feravolo the founder of QMtel Communications is a qualified computer scientist and software engineer, who has built software solutions for businesses for over thirty years. He received his Bachelor of Science, Computer Science from the University of Bridgeport in 1984. Mike Feravolo has been a long time member of the Internet Community and an expert UNIX operating system programmer since the 1980s. Because of the intensive work done for his degree in Computer Science, and the real world experience working in industry, he gained in-depth knowledge of software engineering methodologies, numerous software applications, computer programming languages and operating systems.

After working for such companies as General Electric and Remington Products in the cold north, Mike was offered a position as a Programmer/Test Analyst with the RCA International Service Company at the Patrick Air Force Base in Florida. Since the position sounded very challenging to be involved in missile launches plus the fact that he would welcome warm weather, year round, Mike did not hesitate in responding affirmatively to the offer and started working at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. He spent a decade working at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station as a Radar Systems Software Engineer on launch critical software. He was instrumental in designing software and wrote applicable documents as they fitted the specifications of military design. Because of his key position as a Radar Systems Software Engineer, he was present during launch operations.

Mike was the principal engineer responsible for the certification of radar control systems software to be used in the manned and unmanned space flights. His software engineering and team skills were instrumental in completing these projects on schedule. One of the components of his professional responsibilities was the need to be creative and to be able to design and develop software and write manuals to current military specifications. The language of the manuals had to be reader friendly, since they were presented to some audiences that were not too familiar with technical jargon. His role was critical to the success of the launch operations. In fact, he was using the Internet as part of the day-to-day tasks at the Cape since the late 1980s before it officially opened for commercial use.

After a decade at Cape Canaveral, Mike decided to leave the aerospace business to go out on his own. It was another challenge. His knowledge of computer software and his experiences served him well. He built a small local chain of retail stores and sold surf and skate goods on-line using e-commerce software developed in house. Day-to-day operations included retail sales, buying, marketing and advertising both on the Internet and on the sales floor. Part of the planning that Mike used to run an effective business, was to design and develop the software for an electronic value card website during the early days of the commercial Internet.

In 2013, Mike Feravolo founded QMtel Communications. He has gained considerable experience in IP Tracking, Internet Marketing and Cybersecurity; Which requires a knowledge of all the skills necessary to operate an effective website. Mike is an active member of the Southern Volusia Chamber of Commerce.

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