SMS Marketing

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Our approach to SMS Marketing uses images to promote Top of Mind Awareness. Images reinforce the visual identity of your brand. People keep them with their photos on the phone.

We bring you everything you need to run an effective SMS Marketing promotion. This includes the software, a telephone number and all the promotional materials. Our creative team will design an image attachment for your text messages that your customers will what to keep.

Text Messages

We write software capable of delivering large volumes of text messages. We have been in this business over seven years. Many people rather text then talk. Text messages are private and get to the point. Texting is very popular because every phone has the app.

  •  People Like to Text
  •  Responses are Instantaneous
  •   People Frequently Click Links

Brand Identity

Margey likes the text pictures from her favorite night club and keeps them on her phone.


Shirley & Ann are sick of the same offers over and over again. Now they are opt-ing out of the text message spam.

Shirley & Ann

Betty has an Italian Greyhound and loves her Photos Gallery. Where she can text photos at dog friendly events.


Daisy just got a new phone number and is getting alerts with no opt-out instructions that she doen't want. She is forwarding them to a law firm that loves text message spammers.


Our Sweepstakes software uses images that promote your Brand Identity. Sweepstakes establish Top of Mind Awareness and eliminate your exposure to the legal risks associated with alert broadcasts. Patrons will like play the game because they will get the chance to win big.


You get everything you need to run the sweepstakes:

  •  Sweepstakes Software and Services
  •  A Local Telephone Number
  •  All the Promotional Materials

Your customers play the game by sending a text message. Our software confirms their entry. An image (the Ticket) is attached to the confirmation message. People like pictures; As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. The Ticket reinforces the visual identity of your brand during the sweepstakes.

SMS Marketing

Top of Mind Awareness

Software Demo

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