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Web Traffic Reporter tells you that your customers are on the other end of "the wire". Our Service provides an independent third party web traffic analysis that uses no cookies.

Browser spoofing allows Bad Bots, Spammers and Web Site Scrapers to falsely identify themselves when they attack your web site. They are not your customers. You got to know the truth now because this is time to stop the deception. Web Traffic Reporter gets the facts that you need to invest your advertising dollars wisely.

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The Truth

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When you are missing important facts that you need to know about your web site. You are taking unnecessary risks. Web Traffic Reporter gets the facts that eliminate those risks. Our software does not use Web Cookies or collect any personal information from your customers.

IP (ipv4):
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0_(iPhone;_CPU_iPhone_OS_10_3_3_like_Mac_OS_X)_AppleWebKit/603.3.8_(KHTML _like_Gecko)_Version/10.0_Mobile/14G60_Safari/602.1
Currency: US dollars ($) 🇺🇸
Captial : Washington D.C., United States (North America) 
Referal URL: https://www.google.com/
Web Page: qmtel.com/index.php

ISP: AS36295 - Florida High Speed Internet
Location: Sebastian, FL. 32958 (US)
Time: America/New_York (EDT)
Lat & Long: 27.8007,-80.4919

Note: An example entry (above) tells us that an iPhone user from Florida found our page on Google. We gave this entry would an A+ score. This high score indicates that this vistor was a potential customer. Our scores are based on the unique business requirements specified by each of our clients.

IP Details are important because telephone and cable companies provide Internet Access and rarely use the same brand name to sell space to host applications.

Data Mining is the term for collecting information from web sites. Data Miners often spoof Firefox, Chrome or Edge when they hit your site. This "fake id" can make them look like they are people in analytic reports.

Web Traffic Reporter lets you know when your customers are on the other end of the wire because that is what you need to know to invest your advertising dollars wisely.