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Do you rely on your website to bring in your patrons ?

Web Traffic Reporter shows you that your patrons are using your website. Don't believe the lies. Robotic web traffic that appears to be human in analytic reports causes big problems for your digital advertising and social media campaigns.

Web Traffic Reporter verifies your digital advertising and social media marketing efforts. Get the Real Story. We help you be sure your internet marketing dollars are well spent.

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The Real Story

Bring In People

Web Traffic Reporter assures you that your internet marketing campaigns are bringing in people. These campaigns include: digital advertising, social media posts and e-mail.

Web Traffic Reporter looks for connections that originate from the local telephone, internet and cable companies used by your patrons.

Digital advertising fraud is a well known problem in the industry. Research shows that fraudulent advertising can cost a small business thousands of dollars a year.

Robots often spoof Firefox, Chrome or Edge when they hit your site. This fake id is how these bots are able to look like people in your analytic reports.

Web Traffic Reporter does not use tracking cookies or collect any personal data. Privacy is our number one priority.

QMtel Communications provides an independent third party web traffic analysis service. Get the Real Story. That helps your internet marketing campaigns bring in more people.

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