Traffic Reporter

Traffic Reporter tells the truth. The truth is what you need to know about every person that visits your web site. The truth ensures that your Advertising Dollars are well spent.

Traffic Reporter tells the truth that you need for an in-depth profile of every web site visit. Search Engines use robots to gather data to help people find your website. Search Engine robots are good robots. Bad robots are liars that falsely identify themselves as people when they visit your web site. Traffic Reporter identifies the liars before they cost you money.

The Truth

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We are looking for TR Beta Test Sites. You will get to use Traffic Report free of charge with full techincal support by phone during our normal business hours for the duration of the TR Beta Test Program

My IP will show you for an example of the data that our service provides for you.

Domain Name:
Document: index.php
Date: August 7, 2017
Time: 1:20 am
User Agent: Mozilla/4.0_(compatible;_MSIE_6.0;_Windows_XP)
Location: Kiev, Kyiv City, UA
Lat and Long: 50.4333,30.5167
ISP: AS15895 Kyivstar PJSC

The example Traffic Report entry above shows that a robot vistor is pretending to be a Windows XP user running IE 6.

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