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Digital advertising fraud is a well known problem in the industry. Research shows that fraudulent advertising costs the business community billions of dollars a year. Web Traffic Reporter can detect illegitimate web traffic sources because they are the main cause of digital advertising fraud.

Web Traffic Reporter is an independent third party web traffic analysis service. Web traffic that appears to be human in your analytic reports may in fact be robotic. Web Traffic Reporter can tell you when your customers are looking at your website.

Web Traffic Reporter gets the facts that you need to invest your advertising dollars wisely.

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When you are missing important facts that you need to know about your web site. You are taking unnecessary risks. Web Traffic Reporter gets the facts that eliminate those risks.

IP (ipv4):
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0_(iPhone;_CPU_iPhone_OS_10_3_3_like_Mac_OS_X)_AppleWebKit/603.3.8_(KHTML _like_Gecko)_Version/10.0_Mobile/14G60_Safari/602.1
Currency: US dollars ($) 🇺🇸
Captial : Washington D.C., United States (North America) 
Referal URL: https://www.google.com/
Web Page: qmtel.com/index.php

ISP: AS36295 - Florida High Speed Internet
Location: Sebastian, FL. 32958 (US)
Time: America/New_York (EDT)
Lat & Long: 27.8007,-80.4919

For example the entry above tells us that a person using a local access provider found this page on Google.

Robotic visitors often spoof Firefox, Chrome or Edge when they hit your site. This "fake id" is how these bots are able to look like people in your analytic reports.

QMtel Communications will never collect any personal information from your customers. Privacy is our number one priority. Web Traffic Reporter does not use tracking cookies to get the facts that you need to invest your advertising dollars wisely.