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Web Traffic Reporter identifies website visits that originate from any of your advertising sources. Safeguard your marketing dollars. Web Traffic Reporter lets you know if website visitors are live, potential customers or roaming “web-bots.” Our unique software has been developed in-house and features convenient text messaging capabilities. Current information is at your fingertips... simply text an alert to access your report on the go.

Your privacy our number one priority. We never collect personal information or use tracking cookies.

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Web Traffic Reporter looks for connections that originate from local telephone, internet and cable companies. That your customers use to access the Internet. We want to help you because you need to know that your advertising is targeting the right people.

Marketing campaigns today include digital advertising, social media and e-mail. Digital advertising fraud is a well known problem in the industry. Our software can detect fraud. Research shows that fraudulent advertising can cost your business thousands of dollars a year.

Web Traffic Reporter does not use tracking cookies or collect any personal data. Privacy is our number one priority.

We collect data about internet connections to identify the web visits that are from potential customers. Don't believe the lies. Roaming “web-bots” use different Internet services than your customers.

QMtel Communications helps you make sure your advertising is on target. Call: (888) 858-8284

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