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Web Traffic Reporter traces your web traffic back to Internet service providers (ISP) that visit your website. This can help detect fraudulent on-line ad traffic. Digital Advertising fraud is a problem that can cost your business lots of money.

Our expert staff is here to analyze the Web Traffic Reports for you. Get the real story. With web traffic data, you need to track your advertising campaigns and protect your website from malicious software attacks.

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Web Traffic Logs

Our expert staff analyzes the web traffic data for you. Our software is designed to provide a precise audit trail of your website traffic.


IP Tracing

Web Traffic Reporter traces IP addresses to determine the origin of your website visits. Use our app MyIP411.com to find out about the IP address you are using now.

IP tracing can help you to detect fraudulent on-line ad traffic. Digital Advertising fraud is a well known problem in the industry and can cost your business lots of money. Malicious software use different service providers than your customers.

IP tracing identifies services your potential customers use for Internet access without invading their privacy. Privacy is our number one priority. An IP address alone can not be used to obtain any personal information.

Malicious “web-bots” spoof the major web browsers. Don't believe these lies. This allows robots to appear as people in the major web analytic reports.

Our software has a text messaging feature for people that are always on the go. Current information is at your fingertips. Simply text an alert to access web traffic data in real time.

QMtel Communications helps you be sure your website is targeting the right people. Call: (888) 858-8284

Ad Verification

Web Traffic Reporter verifies that your digital advertising campaigns are on target. Looking for Internet services your target audience use for online access. Popular Analytic software do not provide information about Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Backlinks are an important part of ad verification. They let you know how people found your website and if they are reading past your home page. Robots can spoof backlinks. ISP data also shows you robotic traffic that appears to use search engines to find your website.

Web Traffic Reporter logs your data on secure web servers. Privacy is always our number one priority. Web traffic logs do not contain any personal information.

QMtel Communications has built text messaging applications for over ten years. We are familiar with the rules that apply to the use of text alerts in business. Text messaging capabilities built into our software make it easy for you to access your web traffic logs in real time.

Our expert staff is here to help you invest your digital advertising dollars wisely. Call us now. Be sure that your digital advertising is on target. Toll-free: (888) 858-8284


QMtel Communications develops solutions to make web designers and IT people comfortable to work with us. Our link tracer (URL shortener) keeps your traffic data private. Link tracing reports are also available via text alert.