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We build innovative software applications and provide expert technical advice that helps you feel comfortable to work with us.

Web Traffic Reporter (WTR) identifies Internet Service Providers (ISP) that connect to your website. WTR helps you be sure that your digital advertising campaigns are on target and can help you secure your website from malicious software attacks. We have found that malicious software originates from hosting services and that people use telephone & cable companies to connect to the Internet.

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Web Traffic

Web Traffic data provides the insight that helps us track your advertising campaigns and protect your website from malicious software attacks.


Internet Services

Web Traffic Reporter (WTR) identifies the Internet Service (ISP) that your website visitors. This can help detect fraudulent on-line ad traffic. Digital Advertising fraud is a well known problem in the industry and could cost your business lots of money.

Our software helps you to identify your who are pontential customers when they visit your website, without invading their privacy. Privacy is our number one priority. Because an Internet address alone can not be used to obtain any personal information.

Robots spoof the major web browsers. Don't believe these lies. This allows robots to appear as people in other web analytic reports.

Ad Tracking

Web Traffic Reporter (WTR) can track your digital advertising campaigns. Our software looks for the ISPs your target audience uses for Internet access. Popular Analytic software does not provide this data.

Backlinks are an important part of ad tracking because they show how people found your website. Robots can spoof backlinks.

Traffic reports show the difference between the backlinks your patrons have used to find your website and the ones created by the robots that spoof search engine backlinks.

Web Traffic Reporter (WTR) logs your data on our secure web servers. Privacy is always our number one priority. Traffic logs do not contain any personal information.


QMtel Communications builds innovative software applications and provides expert technical advice that helps you feel comfortable to work with us.

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